Here’s Why You Should Touch Your Co-Workers More
So maybe you're not into it when Larry from accounting gives you an impromptu shoulder rub at the water cooler... fine, I get it, but there is actually scientific proof that sometimes reaching out and touching your co-workers is a good idea...
Working on Thanksgiving? You’re Not Alone!
On Thursday, while everyone is with their families eating until they have to unbutton their pants having uncomfortable conversations about Syrian refugees with their crazy uncles, and drinking as much wine as they possibly can, some of us will be at work...
Should You Bribe Your Kids?
I forget who said it, but someone said that electronics is the currency that you can use to bribe your kids.  I feel that way at my house.  If they don't behave, no computer, no iPad, and most of the time, it works fairly well.
I also bribe them to do housework sometimes...
Here’s Proof That You Need a Vacation, STAT!
Thousands of vacation days go unused in the United States every year.  I think it's so sad that we don't use them.  But, I get it.  It's sometimes more work to take time off then it is to just stay and keep truckin'!
But, I took this past Monday off because I could …
10 Perks You Wish You Had at Your Job
Do you wish you had pet insurance?  On-site day-care at work?  Or a set aside nap time?  I know I sure do!
90% of employers said in a recent survey that they have some sort of retirement plan for their employees, and 76% said that they provide free coffee...
Difficult Coworker? How To Deal –
You need to provide for your family, right, but there's always that one person who makes you consider living on ramen noodles in a studio apartment for the rest of your life.
Never fear!  Here are some tips I have discovered -
If you've got a "know-it-all" -
Most likely…

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