wheel of fortune

Wheel Of Fortune Coming Here Looking For Contestants
We've had many local many participants in exciting television game show's over the years from The Price is Right to Jeopardy but nothing gets the juices flowing quite like the Wheel.  Wheel of Fortune's 'Wheelmobile' is coming to the are in the next few weeks and they're looking for contestants.  Th…
Teacher Wins $1 Million On Wheel Of Fortune!
Man, I wish I had this kind of luck!!
We have been talking a lot on the show lately on the importance of education and how many of the teachers these days have to go into their own pockets or seek funding just to provide their kids with the tools they need to learn...
Another Great “Wheel Of Fortune” FAIL [VIDEO]
I'm sure you remember the video that went around a couple of weeks ago featuring a man blowing his chance at a million dollars on "Wheel of Fortune" by making terrible guesses on almost completely solved puzzles, well last night we got another great fail on the show.

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