Siena Student’s Happy Dance On Price Is Right Is Amazing (VIDEO)
Maybe you took a sick day from school or work and saw Samir El-Swaf  on the Price Is Right the other morning. Once we saw the video of the Siena College student and his hilarious moments of pure joy, we knew we had to talk to him and at the very least find out the name of the dance he did.  In case …
Ski Season Has Been Extended
If you are a ski or snowboarder, good news. Mountains in and around the Capital Region are going to extend the ski season, some up to three extra weeks.
Scotty McCreery Gives Us 5 More Minutes [Audio]
Brian and Chrissy in the Morning along with Jess interviewed country superstar, Scotty McCreery. He was excited about his success of his recent album and number one hit. Chrissy got emotional talking with Scotty about his song "Five More Minutes".
Cold Medicine Recall [PIC]
There is a popular cold medicine that is being voluntarily recalled. It has to do with this product mislabeling the ingredients. So before you take anything in your medicine cabinet, make sure you read on.

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