Siena Men Bounced from Tourney; Finish Frustrating Season with 8 Wins
There was a time when the Siens men's basketball team ruled the Capital Region every March, giving us the perfect mixture of pure madness and pride that only sports can provide.  The 2018 MAAC basketball tournament was a way for the Siena Saints to recreate the kind of magic we've seen in the past, …
Snowmobilers BEWARE
We should get more snow this weekend and that is good news for snowmobilers. But beware, there was someone setting traps on trails in the Capital Region.
How Much Should The Tooth Fairy Leave?
Yesterday was National Tooth Fairy Day and it got me thinking, what does the Tooth Fairy leave for the little ones? I know in our house, Ryan has gotten treated pretty well from her. How much is the Tooth Fairy leaving?
Gun Show Cancelled
A gun show that was scheduled in the same building as high school basketball, has been cancelled. Organizers just didn't think it was the right place in the wake of the recent tragedy.
Get Free Chipotle!
Anytime you can get free food, I am all in. Well one of my favorite restaurants is offering free Mexican food this week.
I've lived in the Capital Region my entire life and surely I've had plenty of issues with various things like Northway traffic and a winter that seemingly never ends.  But when I overhear local residents saying certain things about our area (and stating them as FACT) it drives me insane. Many of the…

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