Scotty McCreery Gives Us 5 More Minutes [Audio]
Brian and Chrissy in the Morning along with Jess interviewed country superstar, Scotty McCreery. He was excited about his success of his recent album and number one hit. Chrissy got emotional talking with Scotty about his song "Five More Minutes".
Does My Dress Make Couples Divorce? [PHOTO]
Let me start by saying that I really don't enjoy getting all dressed up. So when I find a dress I like, I usually buy it in a couple of different colors. Well the dress that I found and love, I enjoy wearing to weddings, but I think it may be jinxed.
Interesting Proposal At SPAC Last Night (Picture)
We've all seen some pretty interesting and creative marriage proposals but I don't think I've never seen one done quite like it was done at the Brad Paisley concert last night at SPAC.  Would you want your man to propose to you like this?
Sam Hunt Announces Wedding
Sam Hunt and his fiancee Hannah Lee Fowler announced that they're getting married on Saturday in Cedartown, Georgia. Expect a small, intimate affair, attended by close friends and relatives. Let it be  known that they won't be selling any wedding pics to magazines. Kudos to them,…
The 518 Makes the List of Most Expensive Places to Get Married
Way to go Capital Region! You've made another Top 25 list!  This time for tying the knot!
When I saw the list of the most expensive states to get married, of course New York was #1... Everything in Manhattan is expensive!  But when I took a further look, I realized it's not all NY…
The Yellow and Purple Wiggles Got Married This Weekend
We've all sang along to the iconic Australian children's group The Wiggles, and wondered what they are like in real life.  Well, in real life, this weekend the Yellow wiggle married the Purple wiggle!  And for whatever reason, I find this news very very exciting...
To Prenup or Not to Prenup, That is the Question
When I got married at the tender age of 21, the only thing I had to my name was a beat up Pontiac Sunfire, with no stereo system or air conditioning, and a giant pile of student loans, and he had even less than that!  So, needless to say, we didn't really need to worry much about a prenup.…
The Top 10 Complaints Women Have About Their Husbands
I'll take this public opportunity to take a deep look at my marriage and see how my list of complaints about my husband matches up with's list of most common wifely complaints.
I'm gonna bet that he has more complaints about me than I do about him...
This Poor Couple! Worst Wedding March EVER! [Watch]
This has to be a joke, right?
The bride triumphantly walking down the aisle to meet her future husband at the alter is one of the most important moments of any wedding!
Tears of joy, excitement, anticipation, love - all the typical emotions that happen during that moment...
Most Inappropriate Wedding Songs
Leah Remini did an interview on Friday night where she talked about her break with the Church of Scientology.
She said that her relationship with the church/cult took a turn at the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes wedding. Leah was a guest, but it ended up being a pretty awful experience...
No-Show Wedding Guest Receives Bill
My wedding reception was an incredibly casual BBQ type of affair with an open invite to all friends and family. Although my reception was 'drop-in-if-you-can,' I did try to get a general headcount so that I'd know how much food to order from the caterer.
Groom Pranks Bride By Dropping Wedding Cake [VIDEO]
I know a couple of friends of mine that would probably have killed their husbands if they decided to pull this prank on their wedding day. This groom decided to test his brand new marriage to his wife by getting two waiters to drop the wedding cake in front of the bride...

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