Banners to Be Hung in Troy for Veterans [PHOTO]
Troy is now doing even more to support the veterans who fought for our freedoms. A Troy Military Banner kickoff program was on Sunday and since then, you're going to see something different lining the streets.
Volunteers Needed To Honor Our Veterans [PICTURE]
I am always in awe when I go to visit the Saratoga National Cemetery. My grandfather and grandmother Cavotta are both buried there. My grandfather served in the Navy during World War II. When we had their funerals, it was such an amazing tribute and a touching ceremony.
Bub’s Grandpa, A War Hero, Gets WWII Awards
So you hear me talking about Bub on the radio all the time, he's my husband, and his real name is Graig ERNEST Chapman.  He was named after his grandfather, U.S. Army Technician 4th Grade Sergeant Ernest Weller.  Who we all call Ernie.
I've known Ernie for a long time, but I had n…
Poker Run To Benefit Area Veterans
Veterans.  How can we ignore them after all they've done?  Well, we're not ignoring them around these parts.  We want to tell you about a great event to raise money for veteran programs.

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