Amtrak Ends Certain Discounts
Whenever I would travel on Amtrak whether to head to New York City or out to Buffalo, I would always take advantage of their discounts. Now those are coming to an end.
22 Year Old Injured in Train Accident in Scotia [Watch]
This morning in the Van Buren Lane area in Scotia a Pan Am Railways employee was the victim of a train rollover.
Glenville Police have confirmed that a 22 year old man who works for the railway had his arm amputated after he slipped on some ice and fell onto the tracks...
Man Hit By Train in Albany
I hear the trains all the time by my house. It's actually a really soothing sound that I've become quite fond of. It's something that is common, it's become a type of white noise, it's just there. You can almost forget the power that's held behind that horn that helps m…
Black Boxes Retreived From Derailed Commuter Train
As more information is gradually coming from the commuter train derailment that occurred Sunday morning en route to Grand Central Station, in New York City, investigators will be able to put the pieces together more easily now.
Train (Feat. Ashley Monroe), ‘Bruises’ – Song Review
Train's collaboration with Pistol Annie Ashley Monroe feels random, but the marriage of two very different vocal styles makes 'Bruises' a captivating listen. The forever sympathetic Monroe was a perfect choice for this class reunion-type song. While it might not be the official reason…
Gas Prices On the Rise & More News Near Albany
Gas - Experts say Americans could see  gas prices near $5.  The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the United States as of Monday was $3.39.  That’s nearly 30-cents higher than a year ago, according to Triple AAA.