Help! Halloween Decoration Stolen [PHOTO]
A family in the Country Knolls neighborhood in Clifton Park is so upset that someone had the nerve to come onto their lawn and steal one of their most loved Halloween decorations. They are hoping that getting the word out will help bring it home.
Elderly Niskayuna Woman Robbed During Funeral
Imagine attending a funeral of a loved one only to return to that person's house to find it had been broken into and robbed.  An elderly Niskayuna woman, who recently passed away, had her house violated by despicable thieves who walked into her home during broad daylight stealing valuables…
Thirsty Glens Falls Men Steal $3,500 Worth of Soda
Two suspects have been arrested for allegedly stealing cases of 20-ounce and 2 liter bottles of soda from a tractor-trailer at the Dix Avenue Fitzgerald Bros. Beverage lot.  The men have taken about $3,500 worth of Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr...
Thieves of Stolen Porch Packages in Schenectady Arrested
I've always thought it was a little sketchy to just have the post office deliver a package to home and just leave that item on a porch, or even in the mail box. Sure, it's illegal to take someones mail and open it, but what is really stopping anyone? Not much.
A Crazy Man Is Stealing Women’s Bathing Suits in Troy
Security cameras in a South Troy backyard have captured a man stealing more than a dozen women's bathing suits!
I'm sorry, what???
Here's the post from the homeowner's video -
It's not the first time this has happened, either! In all, 17 suits have been taken...
Cure For Cancer Stolen
You read that correctly - the cure for cancer was stolen. Problem is the person who has stolen the cure doesn’t even know they have stolen it as it’s on a laptop that has gone missing from a locked vehicle. Wait - a cure for cancer?