st. patrick's day

Richie Gets His Irish On in GNA Production Room [VIDEO]
I was very upset this past Friday. We have just completed our "Open Line Friday" show, which is all well and good, but I didn't get to say (or shall I say SING what was on MY mind), so I went into the GNA production studio and recorded this little video message for you
The St Patrick’s Day Couch [AUDIO]
Today's the big day when everyone is Irish. Well not everyone, I have tons of love for the Irish but I am proud to be Scottish. So I recorded this "View From the Couch" to show some Scottish love for my Celtic Cousins. Happy St, Patrick's Day and Slainte!
Safe Travels On St. Patrick’s Day
We all know that this weekend will be full of celebrating and GOOD because we all deserve it. I only ask you take the time to read this and make your travel plans in advance this weekend.
Changes for Tulip Festival – Good or Bad?
In case you haven't heard already, this year's Tulip Festival in Albany's Washington Park is going to be much different than previous years -- all thanks to some out of control college students who decided to pretend they were Irish on Albany's St. Patty'…

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