Here Are the Most Commonly Broken Laws
Are you guilty of any of these?  Chances are, you totally break most of these commonly broken laws.
A new survey asked people who AREN'T in jail what laws they break most often.  Here are the top eight -
1.  Speeding.
2.  H...
Intense Speeding Ad from New Zealand [Watch]
This Ad from New Zealand is trending.  It's super intense!  It makes you wonder if it should be aired here in the US!
Speeding seems to be in the news more than usual lately with the untimely death of Paul Walker, "Fast and the Furious" star...
Trooper Pulls Over A Cop For Doing 120 M.P.H. [VIDEO]
If I'm being honest, I don't really mind when cops get away with a little off the clock speeding, if it's not a case of seriously reckless driving, then I'm good with a little slack for the good people who risk their lives for the general population. This was pretty crazy though.