How Good Do You Look in Pictures?
A new survey says that 41% of people don't like how they look in most pictures.  And, what's worse, they even feel bad about themselves after they see photos that other people took of them.
Remember when photos were taken with a real camera and you only got one chance, maybe 2, and you…
Which Side is Your ‘Good’ Side in Photos?
Do you always try to pose the same way in phots, so they get your "good side"?
Well, maybe you shouldn't . . . because you probably don't even know your good side.
A new survey found 23% of women think the right side of their face is the best...
Making a Vertical Video is a Sin
This morning we featured a hilarious video of a guy trying to make a video with his wife while she was holding her iPhone the "wrong" way.  I know that this can be a problem.  My husband and I have had a very similar "conversation"!
Here's the video -
Then we talked about this supe…
Average Woman Spends Way Too Much Time Taking Selfies
Now that "selfies" are a thing—it's true, the word's even in the dictionary now—we can safely assume that we'll be taking pictures of ourselves in that manner for the rest of our pathetic lives.
And, thankfully, a new study found out just how much time we&…

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