Local Places Offer Free and Safe Viewing Of Solar Eclipse
No need for the the cereal box, duct tape, and youtube videos! If you're one of the many Capital Region residents that spent the weekend trying to make the proper "eclipse glasses" or are freaking out because you have no "safe" way to view today's scient…
Solar Eclipse Coming, Where You Need to Be
A solar eclipse is coming to the Capital Region and since this doesn't happen very often, you want to be at the right place at the right time to see it and thanks to NASA, they've mapped it out so you can!
Is the Weather Affecting Your Mood?
When I took a peak at the forecast for the week on Sunday, I'll admit, I was pretty devastated. The last thing any of us really want to see is a week full of rain and unfortunately
Bill Nye the Science Guy to Visit Capital District
I remember waking up early when I was a little girl, grabbing a bowl of cereal, laying down on my tummy in front of the TV right next to my little sister and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy before we went to school.
He was the only person that could ever get me excited about science...

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