Troy Favorite Opens in Schenectady Today
There's few things I love more on this planet than food, especially local food, and being from Schenectady, I'm so happy one of my favorites is finally opening it's second storefront location in Electric City.
Another Free Shuttle Coming To A Capital Region City
I love that people in the Capital Region now have more safe options with public transportation. I also like the fact that local officials acknowledge that residents want to enjoy their city and they want to make it as easy as possible.
Little Free Pantry Comes to Schenectady
Have you ever heard of the Little Free Libraries? A little box on the side of the road where you can either take a book to read or donate one back, this is the same concept but with food. The Bellevue Reformed Church in Schenectady opened up the Capital Region's first Little Free Pantry.

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