Sawyer Fredericks

Sawyer Fredericks Hits Big With “Take It All”
As I was falling asleep last night , my wife was watching "The Voice" to be honest I was really tired and just wanted some quiet so I could fall asleep. I didn't know that our very own local hero Sawyer Fredericks was going to be on to sing his original song, "Take It All" but on…
The Sawyer Song From Yours Truly – [VIDEO]
The excitement is building, even as we speak.  Sawyer Fredericks, from Fultonville, NY.  Right in our own back yard, for God sakes! Can he win The Voice?  And better yet, isn't there a song written about him yet?  Maybe not until now!
‘The Voice’ Plays A Game Of “Would You Rather?” [VIDEO]
The final four will perform on 'The Voice' on Monday night and they were recently asked, "would you rather." Sawyer was asked whether he would rather have a six pack of abs and no toes or live forever but only have one eye. Meghan was asked if she would rather have a million dollars and br…