Internet Shopping Hack Can Save You Hundreds
I do most of my shopping online. I always hate trying to find coupons and search endless websites to save an extra few dollars. Well now there is a free browser app that automatically searches for savings.
Hey Capital District Teachers! Here Are Some Discounts For You!
Teachers do so much for our kids, and I think it's super cool that certain businesses are stepping up and giving back to the fine men and women who give so much to our kids all year long!
I have compiled a list and some links that can help you collect some great deals on school supplies, new clo…
Seven Great Deals To Get In September! [AUDIO]
Today on the show we talked about some big ticket items you can get great deals on in September. Every one loves a great deal for sure, some of these maybe you have already taken advantage of, maybe a couple of them you didn't already know about.

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