Saratoga Travers Stakes is Won By 12 Lengths [Watch]
Folks on Twitter are saying that the winner of the 147th Annual Travers Stakes at the Saratoga Race Course made the other horses look bad!  Maybe that's because Arrogate won by 12 lengths!
And here's your #Travers winner! #Saratoga #Arrogate pic...
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Take This Quiz to See How ‘Capital Region’ You Are
This morning on The Sean and Bethany Show we took your calls to help us make a list of all of the different things that people must do in the Capital Region.
I'm turning it into a challenge!  Give yourself one point for every one of the things on this list that you've done, then post y…
Do You Want to See an End to Horse Racing?
Thousands of people are flocking to Saratoga every day this summer to take part in a pastime that has been going on at the Racecourse for more than 150 years, but not everyone is so excited.

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