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I’m Proud To Be American – Levack Rant [AUDIO]
I've noticed a VERY disturbing trend. At some point it became rude, narrow Minded and even xenophobic to be Proud To Be American! Please explain to me how me being proud of where I'm from and what my country does for the world makes me rude to others.
Russel Brand as Arthur? Must Be the End OF the World (AUDIO)
Today's morning monologue.  My best work? eh.  But as always there are a few funny parts. The Rolling Stones are back at it. What does Hulk Hogan want with Little People? Did you know a toddler got drunk at Applebees?  And ladies, would you trade a year of your life to be thin...
Hop Movie Review
As a parent the only thing you can hope for in a trip to the movies is to not be insulted by the movie your kid makes you go see. BUT every so often you actually enjoy the movie as much as they do. This was one of those times. I really enjoyed 'Hop'! Oh and Ella did too.