Local Girl Slays It On The Voice; Chooses Her Coach
Wow.  What a blind audition on NBC's The Voice Monday night!  All four judges turned around as 16 year old Moriah Formica from Latham wailed away on her guitar singing "Crazy For You" by Heart.  The big question is, who did she choose to be her coach?
Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys Offers Advice to Teen Girls [Watch]
I honestly didn't think  I was going to like this video when I first started watching it.  I thought, what advice could Ad-Rock possibly offer to a young girl?  But, after watching just a couple of minutes, I changed my mind.  He experience as a rock legend, an actor, and as…
Here’s How You Can Always Win Rock, Paper, Scissors
My handsome husband is literally an award-winning Rock, Paper, Scissors player!  No joke, at one point he was one of the world's top-25 players!
But now, thanks to researchers at MIT, I can guarantee he'll be a champion.
As long as the person he's playing against isn't ALSO re…
Country Stars That Like To Rock [VIDEOS]
I am a big fan of country music. I grew up with it in my house. Johnny Cash, The Statler Brothers, Charlie Pride, Alabama, etc. The list goes on and on. I also grew up a fan of rock music. Being a kid in the 80's I became a fan of the "Hair Bands" like Poison, Motley Crue, Warrant and so o…