Should Levack Keep His Trampoline?
When I bought my new house somehow I was lucky enough to also get a trampoline. I never wanted it and tried to get rid of it before Ella saw it with no luck. She LOVED it and her and her cousin Amber (both pictured above) spend a lot of time on it. Drama has found the Levack household now because my…
Reasons To Go To Central Park In Schenectady [GALLERY]
Sometimes you just have to put the laptop down, turn off the iPhone, and get your butts outside and enjoy the weather.  I had to tell myself this recently.  So I immediately packed up my laptop and iPhone and took a solo excursion to a local park.  I was pleasantly surprised at what I…
Coming Soon-Power Play Golf Tournament
You know the common complaint about watching golf on TV.  It's worse than watching paint dry.  Even the Masters, as exciting as it was,  I grew a full beard waiting for it to end.  Well, take heart, impatient TV watchers.  Welcome to Power Play golf...
A Musical Response To Criticism About Tone Up Sneakers
That Casey Danton!  Did you see her scathing criticism about those sneakers that supposedly tone up your glutes?  Well, I am the proud owner of a pair, and now she's going to get a piece of my mind musically--actually this is my very first video blog (and maybe my last!!)
Snow Sculptures On Steroids
Remember when we were kids?  As soon as there was a fresh snowfall, we'd go rummaging through all the closets looking for old hats, scarves, carrots--and then shlepping everything out into the snow to make the next great "sculpture".

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