Should Levack Keep His Trampoline?
When I bought my new house somehow I was lucky enough to also get a trampoline. I never wanted it and tried to get rid of it before Ella saw it with no luck. She LOVED it and her and her cousin Amber (both pictured above) spend a lot of time on it. Drama has found the Levack household now because my…
Reasons To Go To Central Park In Schenectady [GALLERY]
Sometimes you just have to put the laptop down, turn off the iPhone, and get your butts outside and enjoy the weather.  I had to tell myself this recently.  So I immediately packed up my laptop and iPhone and took a solo excursion to a local park.  I was pleasantly surprised at what I…
Coming Soon-Power Play Golf Tournament
You know the common complaint about watching golf on TV.  It's worse than watching paint dry.  Even the Masters, as exciting as it was,  I grew a full beard waiting for it to end.  Well, take heart, impatient TV watchers.  Welcome to Power Play golf...
Snow Sculptures On Steroids
Remember when we were kids?  As soon as there was a fresh snowfall, we'd go rummaging through all the closets looking for old hats, scarves, carrots--and then shlepping everything out into the snow to make the next great "sculpture".

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