Oak Ridge Boys

Top 10 Oak Ridge Boys Songs
Every Sunday Morning we feature Classic Country on 1077/GNA. We recently showcased the greatest hits of a group that's working just as hard today as when they were having their biggest radio hits in the early '80s.
Classic Country Christmas Songs – Part Four
If you're looking to create that perfect Christmas playlist that will bring back memories, we've compiled a list of the top 20 Classic Country Christmas Songs that are sure to remind you of Christmases from long, long ago. This list focuses on original Classic Country Christmas Songs from 1949-1989.…
Oak Ridge Boys Interview
I recently had the chance to visit with Joe  Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys.  If you grew up on Country Music, there's no doubt you can sing along with all their big hits like 'Elvira' 'American Made' and 'Thank God For Kids.'