Be a Part of the Phil Sweeney Memorial Softball Tournament
I've played the game since I was 6-years old and as I celebrate my birthday this weekend, it's hard not to think of Phil Sweeney who won't get another birthday and won't play another softball game.
For those unfamiliar, Phil, who passed away at just 63-years old became suddenly ill while playing the …
Lansingburgh Memorial Day Parade
I wanted to teach my children the meaning of Memorial Day in a way that they could understand.  It's hard to wrap your head around war and death at 3.  So, my husband and I took the kids to the Lansingburgh Veterans Memorial Day Parade...
Ladders Stolen In Lansingburgh
Some ladders have been stolen in Lansingburgh.
In a story from the Times Union, Troy Police have recovered four step and extension ladders that have recently been stolen.
This one has everyone scratching their heads and wondering why- even Captain John Cooney, who’s a spokesperson for …