Parents, Is 5-Years-Old a Little Young?
I understand teaching children good values and morals from a very young age and you should start ASAP but when it comes to this, I think 5-years-old is a little young. What do you think?
Top 5 Things You Never Knew About Zac Brown
Have you been listening to our fine station lately?  Zac is back!  He's coming to SPAC on September 6th.  If you haven't seen his show, you're missing something amazing.  I like the guy so much, I did some extra reading about him. Here's 5 surprising things I …
Pull Up Your Pants Or Pay A Fine
Have you ever seen a kid or even some adults on the street or at the mall and all you can think of doing is smacking them in the back of the head and say "PULL UP YOU PANTS!!!!". How did this become a fashion statement? Showing everyone your tighty whiteys? I don't g…
No Driver’s Licenses Needed In Georgia
Say Whaaatt?  
There are many folks out there with an “ax to grind”. Many many people these days seem to take their political views to the next level.  Honestly, I give most people credit.  It’s good to see people with a fire in their be…