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Downtown Saratoga Bar/Restaurant for Sale
After almost 25 years, sometimes you just need to move on and this owner has decided to get out of the restaurant business but that puts this Downtown Saratoga favorite at risk.
Is This The End Of Grandma’s Pies And Restaurant?
A piece of land in Colonie that occupies Grandma's Pies and Restaurant is up for sale and let's hope this doesn't mean the end of this timeless eatery because that would truly be depressing.  When we were kids, the holidays were incomplete unless there was a pie from Grandma. Blu…
Inside the Castle For Sale in Ballston Lake [PHOTOS]
Last week I posted about a castle that went up for sale in Ballston Lake. Yes, a castle.
It's actually been on the market for a bit, but I figured if I didn't know there was an actual castle in the Capital Region, you probably didn't either. Which, I was right - the post was shared hun…
A Real Life Castle Is For Sale in Ballston Lake
I look at my house and I think of how lucky I am to have been able to work hard enough to save up the money to buy it back in 2010 all on my own. It was a super achievement for me, one I've always been proud of.
How Much Would Famous TV Houses Cost in Real Life? has put together a list of what some fictional TV houses would be worth in REAL life.  They only looked at the houses that were used for the show's EXTERIOR shots, since most of the interiors were shot in studios.
Here are a few highlights: