Your Orange Juice May Cost More…Thanks, Irma
Growing up, we would always spend two weeks at my grandparents' house in Florida. A good chunk of our vacation would be spent at the local orange grove. Since Hurricane Irma barreled down on Florida, the farmers are saying that their crops have been severely affected.
Mother Kills Daughter, Drives to Buffalo with Body
Donath Plummer told WIVB that his wife had text him on her road trip from Florida to Buffalo and acted as if everything was perfectly fine. But, the truth was that their daughters body lay in the car with her, dead.
This is Why I Missed Florida-Georgia Line Last Night… [PHOTOS]
While you were gettin' your drink on and partying with friends listening to the musical stylings of the one and only Florida-Georgia Line, I wasn't singing along with you this time. I wasn't backstage or out by the GNA booth, I wasn't in a dressing room or up close to the stage t…

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