Is This REALLY The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavor in the Capital Region?
I posed the question Wednesday on he GNA Facebook page: What's your favorite ice cream flavor? What happened next, I wasn't expecting.
First of all, we got a ton of comments and when first reading through them, you can tell the diversity in tastes from person to person. There were so many different c…
Are You Into These New Lay’s Flavors?
You know how Lay's has been holding a contest for the past couple of years where people send in weird ideas for potato chip flavors, then they pick a few and actually make them.
They just announced the four flavors they'll be making this year and for the first time I think I may want to act…
What is Your Favorite Chicken Wing Flavor [POLL]
Wing Wars 2012 is coming to Albany! This Saturday night at the Washington Avenue Armory. I can't wait. I love chicken wings, simply love them. There is nothing better than a cold beer and a great wing but on the other hand a bad wing can really ruin your day.