Fireworks Over The River
The summer is winding down and that means fireworks will be ramping back up for Labor Day. Just announced, you can watch a huge display during the holiday weekend.
Fireworks Always Make People Do One Thing
Every year I try to find some local fireworks to enjoy for Fourth of July and every year I can't get through it without seeing this one thing. Don't point fingers, you know you're guilty of it too!
Jumpin’ Jacks’ Fireworks Cancelled This Season
Many Scotia residents and people from all over the Capital Region were disappointed when Jumpin' Jacks had to cancel their fireworks on June 30th because of impending storms. They did give a reschedule date of July 22nd, but that has just been cancelled too.
Where To Watch Fourth Of July Fireworks
Growing up in Mechanicville, we always had the most amazing fireworks displays. Mechanicville was the home to one of the most world renowned fireworks companies called Alonzo's. They have since sold their business, but I still have appreciation for a great fireworks show on or around the 4th. G…
Schenectady County First to Change Firework Rules
I'm not a huge fan of buying fireworks. I don't have anything against them and I've been to parties where friends of mine have gotten them but I've personally never gotten them myself. As a Schenectady resident, guess I'm now really not going to be able to buy them.

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