The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie…YUCK!
Don't get me wrong, I love Girl Scout cookies. Over the years, I have purchased hundreds of boxes and in turn helping and supporting the Girl Scouts. But I have a huge problem with which cookie won the most popular.
Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies — Scott’s Picks [VIDEOS]
It's Halloween and it's time for all the ghosts and goblins and scary creatures to come out trick or treating tonight. It's also the time of year that many cable channels show marathons of scary movies. I have been watching a lot of AMC and IFC the last few days. I absolutely love hor…
Top 10 Favorite Country Albums — Scott’s Picks [VIDEOS]
Earlier today on Twitter I saw a trending hashtag #10FavoriteAlbums and it got me thinking of some of my favorite country albums I have in my vast collection of CD's. Basically any album I can listen the whole way through without skipping any songs deserves to be on my list so here it is for yo…