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The McRib Is Back
I am not the one to ask, but apparently the McRib is back and people are losing their minds. McDonald's across the country announced that they are bringing back the popular boneless pork sandwich. It is already available in many locations in New York.
Never Have I Ever Been Here, Believe It or Not [VIDEO]
There was a study in the UK that said 1 in 8 people have never seen a cow! Incredible, right? I admitted on the show that there was one place I'd never been before that would surprise people so of course, it made me want to go.
Wait – Taco Bell is Now the Healthiest Fast Food Chain?!
I guess stranger things have happened, but this can't be right - can it?
According to the latest edition of Business Insider, "while no one was looking, Taco Bell has been scheming." But, not in a bad way it seems. I just can't believe it.

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