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Are you looking for a job here in the Capital Region? There is only one place you need to go today with hundreds of employers on hand ready to hire.
Stewart’s Shops Under Fire With Federal Judge
Are you paid for all of the hours you work? It sounds like a dumb question, but it turns out that some Stewart's Shops employees are alleging that they have not been paid in full. It's enough that a class action suit has been filed and certified by a federal judge. So what's going on?
Watch These 12 Co-Workers Find Out They Won $46 Million [Video]
I'm sure you've done it at your office, I know we have.  You pool your money, buy a whole bunch of lottery tickets, and say a quick prayer that it's your last day at your miserable job.
Well, for twelve people who work for a used car website in Canada who did just that, Monday was…
10 People Most Likely to Receive a Raise This Year
Is it just me, or are raises few and far between?  I think in my whole life I've only gotten one raise.  Usually I have to find a new job in order to get a salary increase.
And, is that the way employers really want it to be?  Would they rather lose good people and have to train n…
Target Employees Sue Over Racist Training Guide
I am not racist, I'm pretty sure of that. At the same time being a white male, I don't think I am qualified to say what is or isn't racist as I don't think I have ever been in that situation. I do think however, that  this "training guide" is ridiculous and…