Monday, August 17, 2015 – Super 7
1.Yesterday Jason Day won the PGA Championship in a record shattering fashion.  What sport is the PGA?
a - Golf
2.Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and the gang are moving from PBS to HBO this fall.  On what street to they live?
a - Sesame Street
Wife Beats Husband in Local Elections
I love my husband dearly, and while we agree on a lot of things, thankfully politics is one of them, we also disagree on a lot of things.  I'm not sure, though, that our marriage could withstand this!
A husband and wife in Maine ran against each other for an election warden position...
Albany Area Local Election Results
We have a lot of races in the Albany area with some of them being more major than the others but all equally important. Here are the results of the races that have been called. We will be updating the data as new numbers come in.
The Third And Final Debate “Songified” [VIDEO]
I sure am glad the debates are over. I really am tired of hearing the same old thing over and over. I will be glad when this election is finally over, regardless of who wins or loses. The only thing I will miss are these really fun auto-tuned versions of the debates.
Register to Vote in the Albany Area
Wondering where you can register to vote or how to do so? Perhaps you need to change your registration, your address, your party, or other information? Here's where to register to vote, and how!
Who Are The 47% That Don’t Pay Taxes in America?
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was caught on video, behind closed doors at a private fundraiser with millionaires saying that 47% of Americans don't pay taxes. We were wondering if that was true and if so, who is that 47%.

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