Superbowl Party For $60 – Andrea’s Coupon Blog
WOW - Price Chopper has amazing deals this week PLUS 4 promotions:(2) DOUBLE DOLLAR COUPONS!!!!!!!, $.20/gallon for $20 in Unilever produces and 2 P&G promotions for cash off your next order!
With the $1 doublers our freebies this week are: Aleve, Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner, Crest t…
Your Price Chopper Shopping List – Andrea’s Coupon Blog
I am calling this week "stock up week".

Great deals this week on cereal, yogurt, water and Powerade!! ALL UNDER $.70 Each!!!!!!

I posted a deal for 4 boxes of Cheerios and 1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch for less than $3!!!

20 Yoplait Yogurt PLUS a 4 pack of Yoplait yogurt for $9 PLUS $2 off your n…
Groceries For Thanksgiving And More – Andrea’s Coupon Blog
Over the next couple of days you will be buying and preparing that Thanksgiving Day feast. Fortunately there are some great deals out there to help for both the big day and the rest of the week as well. Hopefully you have been cutting and saving all your coupons from the newspaper each week, and of …

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