Toby Keith’s ‘American Ride’ Stirs Up More Controversy
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Remember Stella Leibeck?  She's the one who sued McDonalds in 1992 after her coffee gave her third degree burns. She won a great deal of money in the suit.
Stella has since passed, but her family is very angry with Toby Keith...
That Coffee Just May Be Saving Your Life!
You got the Monday blues? I know I do, but then again, I do every Monday morning. There is nothing better though than that first cup of coffee, right? Then you start thinking about all those times you have heard that caffeine is bad for you, maybe you find yourself limiting the coffee to one a day m…
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Ol' Scottie B is a rather busy guy. Not only do I work here at GNA but I also have some other work on the side. With gas prices the way they are, a man has got to do what a man has got to do!  Because I get so busy, I am usually in need of some kind of pick me up.

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