The Avengers Sing Christmas Songs [VIDEO]
I fly my dork flag high and I can't tell you how excited I was to see this. If you are a comic book dork like me and need something to get you into the Christmas spirit, I guarantee this will help! Merry Christmas from the Avengers!
Santa Flies Coach – You’ll Love This Video! [Watch]
This video gets me on all levels!  I love Santa, I love Christmas, I love St. Jude, I love smiling, cute kids, and I love creative ad campaigns! teamed up with St. Jude and now you can donate your frequent flier miles to the hospital...
How Much Would the 12 Days of Christmas Cost Today?
Every year a study comes out that shows how much it would cost you to buy all the stuff from "The 12 Days of Christmas".  It takes into consideration inflation and cost of living increases.  Soooooo, naturally, it did go up this year.  But, not by much...
Hallmark Movie Drinking Game
Are you addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies like we are?  Well, here's a fun way that you and your guests can inject some extra fun into your evening, or morning... we don't judge.
May I introduce, The Hallmark Movie Drinking Game -

One drink if the main character wears a slouchy knit hat
Two drinks …
Jay DeMarcus Produces a ‘Nashville’ Christmas Album
When Jay DeMarcus made a cameo appearance on ABC's Nashville last season, he also made some friends and business partners.
And we all get to benefit from their chance meeting!
Pretty much everyone from the cast makes an appearance on the album, from Rayna, to Juliet, to Luke Wheeler...

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