School Bus Crashes Into Lake, 27 Children On Board
This is a horrifying scene for any parent.  A full school bus crashed into a Tampa Bay area lake.  Luckily all 27 children on board, and the bus driver made it out safely.
An investigation is underway right now, but currently, no one knows how this accident happened...
How Often Do You Check Your Phone?
When's the last time you checked your phone? Sometimes I feel like I'm literally addicted to mine. In fact, I've been trying to make an effort to leave it in another room just so I'm not attached to it!
The Fresh Air Fund Bringing NYC Kids To Enjoy Our Area
The Fresh Air Fund is an agency which started in 1877, that brings kids from New York City to live with a host family.
They have host families across 13 states and Canada, and that includes the Albany area. What many people don’t realize is that so many children that live in New York City never have …
A Beautiful Baby Needs Our Help – The Kindness Project
Recently I put out a call for letters from people who needed or knew someone who needed just a little something to make them smile. Every once in a while I try to find someone to just show kindness to in some way, maybe it's a date night or a backstage pass, maybe it's a new appliance or a…
Hey Kid – Would You Like Milk With That Burger?
If you live in Davis California, you might hear this apstatement alot when you bring your kids in to a fast food establishment..
According to SF, they are proposing in this city to require servers to ask kids if they would like milk or water instead of automatically defaulting to soda as a c…
Mom Finds Out Son Has Cancer From A Picture [VIDEO]
A simple photograph is all it takes. A woman was looking at her son and noticed that his eye looked a little off. She decided to do a little research and found some videos about what she saw. They led her to how to detect eye cancer in children...

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