Trusco Bank Renovates Woodlawn Park In Schenectady
My friends at Trustco Bank are continuing a great project they have started to renovate local parks. You may remember I wrote about what a great job they did at Quackenbush Park last year. This time around it's Woodlawn Park that gets their attention and at 1 p.m. today they make the …
The Best Bedtime Stall Tactics That Children Have Mastered
Madelyn and Turner could teach a class on stalling before bed!  Every night I dread bedtime!  I didn't used to when they were sweet and snuggly and we read books and cuddled!  But it's not like that right now!  They are in primetime bedtime stalling mode...
School Bus Crashes Into Lake, 27 Children On Board
This is a horrifying scene for any parent.  A full school bus crashed into a Tampa Bay area lake.  Luckily all 27 children on board, and the bus driver made it out safely.
An investigation is underway right now, but currently, no one knows how this accident happened...
How Often Do You Check Your Phone?
When's the last time you checked your phone? Sometimes I feel like I'm literally addicted to mine. In fact, I've been trying to make an effort to leave it in another room just so I'm not attached to it!

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