Bacon Is Overrated-There I Said It
I know I am going to get a lot of backlash for saying that bacon is one of the most overrated foods, but I really believe it. I don't understand how people can put it on and in everything to "enhance" the food. Some foods just don't need bacon to make it better.
The All Day Breakfast Burger [VIDEO]
If it wasn't already, breakfast is now going to be your favorite meal of the day. Now introducing the All Day Breakfast Burger. This burger has nothing but delicious, cheesy, buttery, greasy ingredients and it looks magnificent. This marvelous breakfast creation starts with one cheeseburger cooked t…
Would You Buy A “Dark Vader” Hamburger?
I think if you looked up "merchandising" in the dictionary it would say: see George Lucas. My mind literally spins when I think of all the money this man must make on anything to do with "Star Wars".  I must also admit that when a collectible glass comes out at Burger King , I'm …