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Never Have I Ever Been Here, Believe It or Not [VIDEO]
There was a study in the UK that said 1 in 8 people have never seen a cow! Incredible, right? I admitted on the show that there was one place I'd never been before that would surprise people so of course, it made me want to go.
What Do You Put On Your Hot Dog?
Today is National Hot Dog Day and there is always the debate of the proper condiment to put on your hot dog. I get a ton of grief from both Brian and Jess because I love ketchup on my hot dog. I also like them burnt or browned on the grill too, but that's a story for another day.
Sean Takes On The Angriest Whopper [VIDEO]
I love spicy food, even though I do not have the stomach for it. I am sure many of you feel the same way I do and have seen the ads for Burger King's "Angriest Whopper." I mean, hello jalapenos, AND there is hot sauce cooked right into the bun? You had me at angry.
Is A Fast Food Job A “Real Job”? POLL
He's a Judge in Montana.  He's District Judge G Todd Baugh.  I guess he has no filter.  He should see if he can find one!  Check out what he (allegedly)  said in a courtroom, no less, and then I have a poll question.
Countryfest Headliner Darius Rucker In Burger King Commercial [VIDEO]
I love Darius Rucker! Starting back in the Hootie and the Blowfish days to now. I think my favorite thing about Rucker is how down to Earth he is and that he doesn't take himself too seriously. The guy even joined our fantasy football league. This Burger King commercial is perfect proof the guy…
How About A Beer With Your Whopper?
It's the 4th of July weekend and it's not uncommon to break out the grill and cook up some hamburgers over the fire. It's also not uncommon for some of us to open up an ice cold adult beverage to wash that burger down. Pretty soon you might be able to do the same at your local fa…

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