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‘Full House’ Dads Are Back Together! Superbowl Ad Preview 2014
I can't wait for the Big Game, if for no other reason but to watch all of those million dollar ads!  It's been reported that 30 second spots are going for around $4 million this year!
To put that into perspective, in the 1980's they were around $500,000, and if they keep getting m…
$5,000 Country Idol Karaoke Contest
If you're a good karaoke singer, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to sing in a little bar full of distractions.  Are you discouraged by a bad sound system?  Were you mad that people walked right in front of you while you were trying your best?  Maybe the crowd was talking so loud that pe…
Josh Thomspon Heads To Vapor
Bud Light Country Nights at Vapor were huge in 2010, with hundreds of fans showing up each month for line dance lessons, country dancing, and big prizes.  Vapor kicks off the 2011 season with Columbia recording artist Josh Thompson live in concert on Thursday, January 20.
December Winners
WGNA loves local winners!   On Thursday, December 10 WGNA gave two lucky listeners some great early Christmas presents.