Thruway Pile-up Involving 75 Vehicles [VIDEO]
Winter weather is so unpredictable. A blizzard swept across a stretch of the New York state Thruway causing a seventy-five car pile-up. Many motorists are stranded while emergency crews try and help.
Surfing In The Buffalo Blizzard? Yup, That Happened! [VIDEO]
I moved to Albany just over a month ago from Buffalo and my phone has been blowing up for the last 24 hours with people asking me if I'm glad I'm not in Buffalo right now. Yes, I'm glad I'm not there dealing with all the snowpocalypse mess that has hammered the southern part of B…
We Found Nemo! [MEME]
While we aren't fans of naming winter storms, we also find the choice of Nemo for a storm to be almost as silly as naming them in the first place. Like most of the internet, we decided to have some fun with this and created our own meme - especially after we found Nemo.
Albany Area Snow Emergency List
Some people are calling it Nemo but most people are calling it a blizzard, which is what it is. Many cities in the Albany area have snow emergency policies for snow removal, so check our list to make sure you don't get towed or violate the emergency order!
Albany School Closings and Weather Information
Have you heard we're getting a storm? We haven't had much winter in the past two years so any storm delivering any amount of snowfall gets people all excited. We're expecting a pretty big storm though and many schools decided to close ahead of the storm. Our list of closings is contin…
Steve Capporizzo’s Forecast
A major storm is going to start dumping the white stuff on the Capital Region tonight. Here's WGNA chief meteorologist Steve Capporizzo from News 10 with the details. It's worth a listen.

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