Avengers Bad Lip Reading- The Redneck Edition [VIDEO]
I am admittedly a huge comic book dork. I've seen all the Batman, Superman, Marvel, DC movies out there and I stumbled on this earlier today and I had to share. You have seen some of the other bad lip reading videos out there including ones for 'Twilight' and "The Hunger Game…
The Avengers Sing Christmas Songs [VIDEO]
I fly my dork flag high and I can't tell you how excited I was to see this. If you are a comic book dork like me and need something to get you into the Christmas spirit, I guarantee this will help! Merry Christmas from the Avengers!
Avengers Trailer Hidden At The End Of Captain America [VIDEO]
Last week I took my daughter to see 'Captain America: The First avenger'. I really liked it and so did she. They paid enough respect to the comic and did enough to bring in the average movie goer. One caution for you. Don't bother seeing it in 3D we did and you really don't need …