Loser Hurricane Looters Shamed On Twitter (PICS AND VIDEO)
Looters are the some of the lowest of the low; preying on their vicitms during a time of crisis.  When I saw videos of people looting during Hurricane Irma, it made my blood boil.  When many were arrested, and then put on full blast by the Ft. Lauderdale police, I couldn't have been h…
How Catnip Almost Landed My Mom In Jail
I just read the story of a man in Florida who spent 90 days in jail for a crime he didn't commit. The police mistook drywall powder in his vehicle for cocaine. After reading this, it reminding me of a childhood memory where my mom was almost arrested.
Do You Know This Man? [ARRESTED]
Schenectady Police have arrested and charged 39 year old Victor Mattson of Schenectady in a string of robberies. He has been charged with armed robbery, one count of first-degree robbery with display of a firearm, a felony, and resisting arrest, a misdemeanor, related to one of the robberi…
Starbucks Hidden Camera Suspect Arrested
Yesterday we learned that Colonie Police were looking for a person that was caught on surveillance at a Starbucks on Wolf Road in connection to a hidden camera found in the bathroom. That person has been arrested but this story is far from over.
Teacher Arrested And Tennessee Student Found Safe
I am fascinated by crime stories and unsolved cases. I am also convinced that I will find someone on the run or capture a criminal. Having said that, I was so relieved to find out today that the teacher and student on the run for the last five weeks were not only found but that the 15 year old …
7 UAlbany Sorority Girls Arrested for Hazing New Members
Seven UAlbany students were arrested yesterday after they allegedly hazed four pledges during an initiation for their sorority in the basement of a home in Albany.
According to News 10, one student says she was being initiated into a sorority called Alpha Omicron Pi when she other pledges were blind…
Thieves of Stolen Porch Packages in Schenectady Arrested
I've always thought it was a little sketchy to just have the post office deliver a package to home and just leave that item on a porch, or even in the mail box. Sure, it's illegal to take someones mail and open it, but what is really stopping anyone? Not much.
Albany Man Robs Same Gas Station 4 Times – SENTENCED
I guess, if it ain't broke don't fix it?
Or in this case, if it's broke financially and you haven't gotten caught yet, why not?
Well, other than because it's illegal to rob anyone, let alone at gun point,  there are plenty of other things you can do that aren't illeg…

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