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Albany County Sex Offender Finds Daycare Loophole
Seeing this story made my blood boil and my stomach churn, all because of a law loophole. I thought the rules on where convicted sex offenders could live were pretty strict but apparently, there's a loophole that allowed one to move near an Albany County daycare.
The Great Delmar Mystery: Can You Solve It?
I'm from Schenectady so I guess I never really think much about Delmar but I just learned from the Times Union that the Town of Delmar has had this long-standing mystery and maybe you know the answer.
It’s Operation Sober Boater
As I was driving across the state over the holiday weekend, I was glad to see signs and checkpoints to ensure that drunk drivers were not on the roads. I am also happy to learn that authorities are cracking down on our waterways as well.
Free Coffee For Sleepy Drivers on the Northway
In anticipation of the July 4th holiday, free coffee, cold drinks, and snacks will be available at the rest stop just north of Exit 9 on the Adirondack Northway (I-87) during the July 4th weekend!
For 26+ years, free coffee has been provided in order to encourage drivers to stop and take a &ldq…

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