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Alan Jackson Goes Bluegrass
Country music legend Alan Jackson has released an album of Bluegrass music. In several interviews, he's claimed that it's a project he's always wanted to make, and now that he owns his own record label the concept didn't have to wait any longer.
Alan Jackson to Release His First Bluegrass Album
Alan Jackson is 54 years old and has had more success in his country career than he could have dreamed of. But, there's one thing that's been missing from his repertoire: a bluegrass album. Now, it's become a reality, as the singer has just announced the album and its release dat…
Top 10 Country Songs for Father’s Day
In honor of my Grandfather, who was a major influence in getting me into Country Music, I have put together a list of the Top 10 Father's Day Songs of All-Time!  I hope there is a song on this list that brings back some good memories of your father, step-dad or grandfather.

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