As I was surfing the web today I saw something that was just too classic to not share. Taco Bell has created their own "Super Heroes" THE SUPER DELICIOUS INGREDIENT FORCE!!! Knowing that Taco Bell is a major corporation that has millions if not billions of people working for them I would of thought SOMEONE ANYONE would of told them that this group is a slap in the face to almost every race culture and creed. I love funny! No matter who it offends as long as it's funny. This is not funny this is as lame as the bland and lame food they say they are fighting. There is a character named "Fantastic Rice Man" Clearly a gay stereotype, "Flex Tortilla" sounds like a villain from a Speedy Gonzalez cartoon. There's even a doughy guy that gets around on a dime wheeled segue just in case they you thought they forgot to mock fat people and get this they all pile into a El Camino to fight for flavor.I watched a few of these episodes hoping I just wasn't getting the joke, but I'm pretty sure the joke was on me. Check it out and let me know what you think.