I've been looking at Craigslist lately.  It's a great service.  I like it better than that big auction site (you know the one) I was thinking of putting some stuff up on there.  But I hope Dorrie doesn't get any ideas from this lady!

True story.   According to HuffingtonPost.com:

...this Logan, Utah woman is offering up her video-game-playing husband. "He enjoys eating and playing video games all day," she writes.

Wow!  Harsh!  Here's the actual listing if you want to see it.   If you read on, you'll see that she did it as a joke.  Her husband had come back from the war with a back injury, and all he could really do is play video games.  So he started playing day and nite and ignoring her.   So she put up the virtual "for sale" sign, sort of speak. 





Funny idea, you must admit.  And after 25 years, I would love to ask my wife how many times she wanted to put me up for auction.  (It would have to be a very low reserve price at my age! )