They are thinking of possibly closing a great little institution of "lower" learning (lower grade level, that is) - Birchwood Elementary.  Do the local Nisky-ites agree?  Read the story or zip down to the bottom of the article and take the 2 second poll!  

What's going on in my town?  I love Nisky!  Love the location, the people, and more importantly - the fantastic school system.  Actually, there's one little schoolhouse in particular that we thought was fantastic - BIRCHWOOD!    My son attended there and it was such a great, personalized experience.

In fact, I went back there recently and wrote a song with the kids.

photo by Richie Phillips

But times are tough all over, and they are considering closing the school due to a 2 million dollar plus shortfall in the budget, according to an article in the Times Union.

Some want it, some angrily oppose it.  I wonder how you feel?  Maybe you can't make town meetings, but want your voice heard somehow.   Take my simple poll here.  I'll send them the results!