I really do hope that when you come here to read the blog about the "Daily Dilemma" , that you actually take the time to listen to the callers. I think some people are not sure that by clicking on the "triangle" play button at the end of this blog, you get to hear the actually phone calls as they came in this morning. I'm not sure how, but we managed to get a few laughs in with this very serious dilemma. I guess that is what comedy is all about, you have to find a way to laugh at the hardest things in life or you just wont be able to cope.

Here is what our listener wrote into us today: "I started dating this guy about 2-years ago until I started to learn that he was the master at lying and manipulation. Unfortunately, by this time, I realized I had already fallen in love with him. Just recently, he told me he didn't think he wanted to be together anymore and he needs a couple of weeks to think. Then I discovered he had been talking to another girl over the last month who not only I had become friends with but is also his ex's girlfriends older sister. He still tells me everyday that he misses me and wants to work things out and he has no idea that I know he is still hanging out. I have already decided not to get back together with him because its gotten to the point where I can't help someone who can't help themselves. The dilemma is, this girl has a STD. I know this because she told me one night while we were all hanging out. Call me crazy but I still care about him and think he should know. Should I tell him? And if so, how do I tell him?

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Here is what our callers had to say about this one: