Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, CGehlen

I know how people get when you interfere with their parenting, so I wonder if the same rules apply to pets. I have a friend who got a dog for her kids at Christmas. Of course it was an adorable puppy, some sort of Lab mix.

As with a lot of puppies , this dog has gotten much bigger and is as unruly as ever if not worse. My friend has no idea how to train dogs and to be honest it concerns me.

Now I don't think the dog is being mistreated, he is getting fed and they don't hit him or anything, its just that no one seems to want to step up to really take care of the dog and guide him. They don't walk him or allow him much exercise, when he goes out it's on a chain and for short times. Overall when I am there it seems like the parents don't really want the extra responsibility and the kids pretty much ignore the dog.

My question is, do I say anything? He is a beautiful dog but I cant help but think both the family and the dog would be better off if they found him a more "dog friendly" home.

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