Today one of the member's of the female trio SHeDAISY, Kristyn Osborn celebrates her 42nd birthday. So, I decided to freature the lovely ladies in this week's edition of Flashback Friday. We go back to the late nineties, 1999 to be exact for their very first single, "Little Goodbyes".

"Little Goodbyes" was the leadoff single from the trio's debut album "The Whole SHeBANG" released in 1999.  The song written by Kristyn, would peak at #3 on the Billboard charts that year. The girls would follow this song up with a pair of Top 10's "This Woman Needs" and "I Will....But."

Kristyn and her other sisters Kelsi and Kassidy would go on to record 4 more albums for their label Lyric Street, the last being 2006's "Fortuneteller's Melody". They recorded a fifth album "A Story To Tell" in 2009 but left Lyric Street before the album could be released. The Label would close it's doors in 2010.

If you want to know what the ladies are up to these days, just check out their Facebook page as they update things on a constant basis.