As you may or may not know, October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.  And thru my connection with the Academy for Character Education at Russell Sage College we have been very active in trying to spread the word (thru song!)  I think the little ditty that these kids created will stick in your head for a very long time!


Mrs. Bernardo and I have worked together before.  You could tell that this isn't the first time that the subject of bullying has been brought up with her students.  They had already written more than half of the lyrics before we even began!

This class took the "bull by the horns" and basically wrote much of it themselves (including the music!)  I may have helped  a little bit in getting it all to rhyme, but that was the extent of my assistance as far as I'm concerned.  The result is a song that I honestly couldn't get out of my head the entire day.  Maybe it could be used in some sort of anti-bullying public service announcement at some point!  Click below to hear their creation!

Click play button to listen:

Thanks again to these very talented 4th graders  and Mrs. Bernardo as well.  If you want to learn more about bullying myths, I found this on their companion website,  Some really good information.  Maybe I'll work on rhyming this next!

Special thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for their continued support of Readin', Writin', and Rhymin', as well as CapComm for their support during Anti-Bullying Month!