One of the great things about the concerts at SPAC is that Bethany and I get to broadcast from backstage and interview many of the artists that come through. Bethany was most excited to see Kip Moore again and I swear every time these two get together he finds a way to make her giggle and blush, but to be fair he has a way of doing that to a lot of his female fans.

We have always enjoyed talking to Kip he is a great guy and very open in our interviews. This time around we got to talk about some of the gifts he has received from fans throughout the years, his loyal fans and even one of the things girls might find hard about dating him.

I should tell you it gets a little uncomfortable for me at the end of the interview because he is doing that "look into your eyes and smile" thing with Bethany and turning her into Giggly McGigglerson. I'm sure some of you ladies out there may get a little jealous watching but it is all in fun and Kip is truly a great guy to hang out with.